Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Determining the Benefits of Payday Loan Lenders

Borrowers traditionally have a strange relationship with lenders. In some ways, this is a love-hate relationship. Borrowers need the services provided by lenders, but hate the high interest rates they force on them. However, while this might be an accurate picture of the traditional lender, payday lenders are something different. You'll find much to love about these types of loans and very little that will be unappealing. How are payday lenders so different? How can they change your view of the lending industry (at least part of it)?
Credit Checks – Most lenders force you to submit to a credit check. This can be a humiliating process and can feel quite invasive. Traditional lenders base your worth on your credit rating – the lower your credit score is, the greater the risk you constitute to the lender. However, payday lenders do not use this outmoded way of thinking. They understand that credit scores do not provide an accurate picture of a consumer's worth. Instead, they rely on the fact that you have a job and a stable home environment.
Application Process – The application process with traditional lenders can take days or even weeks to yield results. Even then, the approval might not go through and then you are faced with an inability to obtain funding. Payday loan lenders operate much differently. The application process is exceedingly swift, giving you your answer in mere minutes. In addition, once you have your approval, you know that the cash is right behind it (usually delivered within 2 to 24 hours, depending on the type of lender).
Lender Availability – Banks and credit unions force you to come to them. You must physically walk into the bank to begin the application process. However, payday lenders understand that they are in a service industry – you are not forced to come to them. You can certainly visit a physical location, but you have other options. For instance, you can opt for a payday loan over the phone, or even obtain one online through an innovative online lender. As you can imagine, this is tremendously beneficial and can help ensure that you have the money you need immediately.
Payday lenders are incredibly different from banks or credit unions. They realize that they offer a service and that you are under no obligation to do business with them. You will find them more than competitive and will even discover that these loans save you tremendous amounts of money compared to other forms of lending.

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